There is no longer any doubt about the fact that we are dependent on a handful of multinational pharmaceutical companies as far as the Covid-19 vaccine is concerned. Calls to break their monopoly are multiplying. Even Gwendolyn Rutten, former chairperson of the Open Vld (Flemish liberal party), is now turning to Twitter to support our plea to make the vaccine a public good," says Sofie Merckx, PTB-PVDA MP. This comes to prove that things will move when pressure is exerted."
What does the shortage of nurses has in common with the increase in our electricity bills? These are the perverse effects of privatization. In recent decades, public companies have been sold to the private sector by our governments, with disastrous consequences. All over the world, citizens are mobilizing to take these companies back in hand. With victories in hand.
A joint initiative of the PTB-PVDA, the PS (French-speaking Socialist Party ) and the sp.a (Dutch-speaking Socialist Party ) : No less than 23 members of the Belgian parliaments - including 11 from different PTB-PVDA parliamentary groups - have proposed the Cuban Medical Brigades for this year's Nobel Peace Award. This is an important support to the international campaign calling on Members of Parliament to nominate Cuban doctors for this prestigious peace award.

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