Belgian workers show solidarity with French strikers (photo report)


Hundreds of Belgians (amongst them 150 members of the PTB-PVDA) went to Lille on Saturday 11 January for the demonstration against the pension reform project of Macron. The battle of the French workers is also the battle of all workers in Europe. Working longer for less money, we don’t want this at all.

Hundreds of Belgian trade union members were present (greens from the Christian trade union, as well as reds from the socialist trade union). France 3 Television made a report, which can be viewed here (only in French).


Lille 1
The PTB banner as well as the presence of a number of the party’s MPs was very much appreciated. (on the picture: Julien Liradelfo, Raoul Hedebouw, Nadia Moscufo, Gaby Colebunders and Françoise De Smedt)
Several PTB MPs explained that the battle of the French workers is a battle for all European workers, because if Macron succeeds in imposing his pension reform project in France, other countries will follow. Together we will win. (on the picture: Brussels Regional MP Youssef Handichi, former bus driver and trade union delegate at the STIB, Brussels public transport company)
En Belgique, en 2018, nous avons fait reculer le gouvernement Michel et sa pension à points. En Espagne, ce sont les « pensionistas » qui défilent tous les lundis en revendiquant des pensions dignes. En Croatie, les syndicats ont obtenu le retour de l’âge légal de départ à la retraite de 67 à 65 ans… (sur la photo : Gaby Colebunders, député fédéral, ancien travailleur chez Ford Genk)
"In Belgium, in 2018, we pushed back the Michel government and its pension with points. In Spain, it’s the « pensionistas » who march every Monday demanding decent pensions. In Croatia, the trade unions have obtained the return of the legal age for retirement from 67 to 65 year…". (on the picture: Gaby Colebunders, federal MP, former worker at Ford Genk)
Lille 13
Brussels Regional MP Luc Vancauwenberge with a delegation of young workers from a medical centre of the PTB-PVDA.
On behalf of the PTB-PVDA, Raoul Hedebouw handed over a first cheque of 5,000 euros to the CGT solidarity fund.