#Right2Cure: The PTB-PVDA and 12 other parties launch a European petition to ensure access to a future Covid-19 vaccine


The campaign is a unique collaboration between left-wing parties from all over Europe and the Group of the European United Left (GUE/NGL) in the European Parliament. "In order to win against this pandemic, it is vital that a vaccine or medicine is freely available to all", says Marc Botenga, MEP for the PTB-PVDA. "The coronavirus vaccine is being developed today with billions of euros of public funds, of taxpayers' money. We cannot allow pharmaceutical companies, who had thus far refused to invest in this vaccine, to now take ownership of the vaccine and decide on the price and supply."


With the #Right2Cure petition, the initiators want to put pressure on the European Commission to ensure that vaccines and treatments against the pandemic become a matter of public interest and global concern, freely available to all.

To find out more, sign and widely disseminate this petition, visit the campaign website (in 8 languages): http://www.right2cure.eu/en.

To watch the video : click on the image hereunder

Botenga on pharma